From Launch, one of North America's top tech incubators comes the only entrepreneurship program built like a startup by a team of successful entrepreneurs, startup advisors, and angel investors to help you turn your idea into a successful business.

You will learn

  • How to get started and build a solid startup strategy

  • How to find and talk to first customers

  • How to plan and build your first minimal viable product (MVP)

  • How to build and deliver a winning pitch

  • How to market and get the word out about your startup


  • 1

    Your LEAP starts...NOW!

    • Your LEAP starts...NOW!

    • Right Place @ Right Time

    • Are you an entrepreneur? Check for these signs.

    • Airbnb Founder Brian Chesky- From $25K Debt To $30 Billion Company

    • How to Get and Test Startup Ideas

    • So how do you uncover, test, and deepen your passion?

  • 2

    First Group of Assignments

    • Uncover Your Why

    • Examine Your Map

    • Choose Your Everest

  • 3

    Introductory Mentorship Session

    • Book Your Introductory Mentorship Session

  • 4

    Create Your Startup Strategic Action Plan Using The Lean Canvas

    • Strategic thinking makes all the difference

    • Startup Stories

    • What is a Startup?

    • What No One Tells You About Launching A Startup

    • The Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail

    • Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything

    • How to build your startup strategy?

  • 5

    Second Group of Assignments

    • Get Started With Your Ideas

    • Create Your Canvases

  • 6

    Know Who's Your Target Customer

    • The customer is everything

    • Define your customers and users

    • Define and identify your early adopters

    • Create predictive personas

    • Create your user journey

  • 7

    Third Group of Assignments

    • Categorize Your Business Model

    • Identify Your 13.5%

    • Create a Predictive Persona

    • Create Your Customer Journey

    • Describe a Day in Your Customer's Life

    • Update Your Lean Canvas

  • 8

    Discover The Key Problems Your Target Customer Want Solved

    • Successful entrepreneurs make the shift

    • Solve big problems

    • Problem Interviews

    • Another Approach to Problem Interviews

    • 6 foolproof ways to get your startup its first 100 customers

  • 9

    Fourth Group of Assignments

    • List Your 3 Key Problems

    • Construct Your Problem Statements

    • Practice The Five Whys

    • Interview Customers

    • Update Your Lean Canvases

  • 10

    Create, Communicate, and Test Your Value Proposition

    • Your core communication building block

    • Focus on the value

    • Why craft your UVP

    • Perfect your UVP

  • 11

    Fifth Group of Assignments

    • UVPs of Your Favourite Brands

    • Craft Your UVP

    • Share Your UVP

    • Craft More…

    • Update Your Lean Canvases

  • 12

    Second Mentorship Session

    • Book Your Second Mentorship Session

  • 13

    Perfect Your Pitch and Present With Confidence

    • The core skill that every entrepreneur must master

    • It's the market, stupid!

    • Master public speaking

    • Be ready for everything

  • 14

    Sixth Group of Assignments

    • Build Your Pitch

    • Prepare Your Pitch

    • Practice Your Pitch

    • Update Your Lean Canvases

  • 15

    Find Investors and Raise Capital

    • Investors are a key element

    • The Art of Valuation

    • How to do investment right

  • 16

    Seventh Group of Assignments

    • Calculate Your Valuation

    • Find 100

  • 17

    Third Mentorship Session

    • Book Your Third Mentorship Session

  • 18

    Measure Your Progress and Track Your Metrics

    • Get the right things done

    • Accelerate Your Journey

    • The One Metric That Really Matters

    • The crucial element of the success trilogy

  • 19

    Eighth Group of Assignments

    • Set Your Goals

    • Choose Your Metrics

  • 20

    Design and Build Your MVP - Minimal Viable Product

    • MVP = Experiment

    • Don't build it, they won't come!

    • The Perfect MVP

    • Lo-Fi MVPs

    • Hi-Fi MVPs

  • 21

    Ninth Group of Assignments

    • Craft Your Testable Hypothesis

    • Find The RATS

    • Explore Lo-Fi MVP Ideas

    • Explore Hi-Fi MVP Ideas

    • Plan Your MVPs

  • 22

    Hack Your Growth and Gain Traction

    • Growth is the purpose

    • The only healthy obsession of a founder

    • Traction Channels Part 1

    • Traction Channels Part 2

  • 23

    Tenth Group of Assignments

    • Explore Possible Channels

    • Choose the Probable

  • 24

    Fourth Mentorship Session

    • Book Your Fourth Mentorship Session

  • 25

    The Quick & Dirty Guide Series

    • The Quick & Dirty Guide For Validating Your Startup Idea

    • The Quick & Dirty Guide For Creating a Winning Pitch Deck

    • The Quick & Dirty Guide For Building Your Startup Brand

    • The Quick & Dirty Guide For Launching Your Startup

  • 26

    Feed Your Mind

    • Required Reading

    • Advised Reading

    • Smart Reading

  • 27

    Curated Resources and Tools

    • Get started on the right foot

    • Idea Resources and Tools

    • Startup Strategy Resources and Tools

    • Customer Resources and Tools

    • Key Problems Resources and Tools

    • Value Proposition Resources and Tools

    • Pitch Resources and Tools

    • Fundraising Resources and Tools

    • MVP Resources and Tools

    • Traction Resources and Tools

    • Metrics Resources and Tools

    • Team Resources and Tools

    • Product Resources and Tools

    • Marketing Resources and Tools

    • Productivity Resources and Tools

    • Management Resources and Tools

    • More Helpful Resources and Tools

About Your Instructors

Senior Partner | Unleashed Ventures

Hussein Hallak

Hussein launched his first tech startup in 2002 (acquired in 2003). Since then he helped build over 20 successful companies and trained thousands in the dark arts of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and personal branding.His second tech startup was the world's first and largest marketplace for Middle Eastern art in 2006 (acquired), and in 2018 he launched Next Decentrum, an Ed-Tech startup that raised $450K in 3 months.Recognized as one of 30 Vancouver tech thought leaders and influencers to follow, and featured in Forbes, BBC, BetaKit, Entrepreneur, DailyHive, Notable, and CBC.

CEO | Launch Academy

Ray Walia

Ray Walia is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in both the entertainment and technology sectors. Ray founded Launch Ventures which owns and operates a network of private incubators, innovation labs, and investment funds. The most prominent incubator is Launch Academy, Vancouver’s leading entrepreneurship facility, which has incubated more than 3500 entrepreneurs of which 300 have grown their startups to Seed and Series A stage and raised over $300 Million in funding. Launch Academy is a designated provider for the Canadian Startup Visa Program. Ray was named Entrepreneur Mentor of the Year for 2014 and 2015, BIV Top Forty Under 40, G20 Young Entrepreneur, and BC Tech Person of The Year Finalist 2018.